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Our History

A francophone magazine number 1 of HRI milieu, Le Chef became Le Chef et L’épicier in 2009 to cover the food retail sector. Two years later, wishing to add a string to its bow, the magazine - intended till now for Québec readers - wished to reach professionals from across the country: Chef & Grocer was born. Since May 2011, we have been covering news from the food service and food retail market in both languages.

The Only Bilingual Magazine in its Category

Chef & Grocer is the only magazine specialized in food to publish a fully bilingual content. The two most important sectors in the food, foodservice and retail market are represented through a varied, original and informative content.

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Distribution All Across the Eastern Canada

Our circulation reaches 26,000 copies in Québec, Ontario and the Maritimes and we publish 8 issues a year. Chef & Grocer offers you the possibility of reaching a wide readership of restaurant owners, operators of bars and hotels, institutions and owners of grocery stores and retail outlets.

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